I.T. Procurement

For many years NorthCloud and its predecessors have supplied I.T. equipment to our customers. Our point of difference is that because of our Customer Relationships we are able to supply equipment suited to our customer’s requirements. Listening to what our customers need, can afford and future proofing them as much as possible are just part of what we do.

Additionally we go the extra mile. Our procurement team make sure you get the right equipment by researching the options thoroughly and offering sound choices where appropriate. When we need to we are able to call on our highly experienced technical team to advise on more complex requirements. For larger orders we obtain demonstration units to really allow customers to ‘test drive’ their solution.

Most importantly we explain the options and recommendations in non-technical language. We provide enough information to make a sound decision and understand the drivers behind a particular recommendation without you having to reach for the dictionary!

Once the order is placed we track its availability, delivery progress and escalate when required in order to meet your deadlines.

The Cloud world has made big changes. Many customers now look to Cloud solutions instead of replacing their traditional servers. This isn’t the right choice for everyone however. Because NorthCloud provides both onsite and Cloud solutions you can be assured of the best advice for your business. We don’t ‘shoehorn’ our customers into the product that we sell.

NorthCloud – the trusted name in I.T. Procurement

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