Tableau – Hosted email with outstanding local support

NorthCloud’s hosted email and collaboration platform is designed to provide the benefits of Microsoft Exchange to small and medium sized businesses without the hassle of maintaining a complex server environment. It can be used from anywhere and gives your business a more professional look with your own email domain. Mobile devices, web browsers or the full Microsoft Outlook client can all be used to access the integrated email, task, calendar and collaboration platform, with spam and virus protection built in. Being a Microsoft product, you can be assured of solid interoperability and performance.

What makes Tableau distinctive however is that it is Kiwi hosted, with local support. No problems with data sovereignty concerns, worries about security or waiting on the phone to talk to a foreign support service. Performance is top notch as well. We understand your business needs, can provide a real live human being to help you get set up and during business hours we’ll be at the end of the phone to assist. Additionally if you need email archiving for legal compliance we can help as well.

Tableau – world class collaboration with friendly local service



  • Hosted right here in NZ, delivering lightning fast performance
  • Built on Exchange 2013, industry leading email server technology
  • Full mobile support for Apple, Android and Windows Phone
  • Your emails, calendars, contacts – available globally, all you need is an Internet connection
  • Local support – our support staff are here in NZ!
  • Configurable storage limits
  • Piece of mind with full Anti-Spam & Anti Virus on all mailboxes
  • Mailbox and Calendar sharing and collaboration
  • Mobile security – if your phone is lost or stolen, we can remotely erase the device

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