BRS – NorthCloud’s Backup & Recovery Service

Backups of your IT data can be a real pain. Are they working, will they be available in a fire, what am I going to restore them onto if my server fails . . . the problem is that we need them. Many businesses have failed because critical information and intellectual property has been lost due to server failures or disaster. NorthCloud provides reassurance with our fully managed Backup & Recovery Service (BRS).

There are a number of important business benefits:

Your backups are monitored – we ensure that you aren’t going to find you haven’t had a successful backup for weeks or months.

Your backups are offsite – if fire or other disaster strikes, your data won’t be lost. Each night it is automatically transmitted to redundant storage in our data centre.

Getting files back is a breeze – give us a call and our friendly technicians will be able to quickly restore your data without foundering trying to find the right tape and hoping it will work.

Best of all, in a major disaster we provide a platform or server to restore your data back and get up and running quickly – you won’t be left holding a tape or hard drive wondering how you’re going to get working again.

BRS – the simple and robust solution to your backup challenges.


  • Backups are stored here in NZ ensuring fast and timely backups
  • Full images are taken, enabling a quick ‘ground-up’ build of your server or PC
  • NorthCloud can provide a loan server to restore your data onto for quick recovery
  • Being NZ based, you have piece of mind knowing your business data is not being shipped off overseas
  • Pay as you grow pricing ensuring you are paying only for what you need
  • Fully monitored backups
  • Local support – our support staff are right here in NZ

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