Private Business Cloud

Many customers are facing the need to replace existing onsite servers, or require offsite data replication but don’t want to invest in a new data centre. NorthCloud’s Private Business Cloud offering gives a highly redundant compute platform capable of handling the most demanding workloads. Our well connected data centre allows flexible offerings for accessing your applications and services.

Often businesses operate a range of applications which means a move to completely ‘cloud’ based services is not possible. Private Business Cloud allows the TCO savings and risk reduction of hosted compute power, while still providing a secure environment hosting an individual business’ applications. Many businesses choose NorthCloud to configure, manage and monitor the individual servers as well as providing the platform. This means one point of contact for issues and a more responsive service, without having to deal with multiple service providers.

Talk to us about your next server replacement – you’ll find our Private Business Cloud service may be just what you’re after, delivering a faster, more secure and robust service and allowing your business to focus on what it does best.

Private Business Cloud, the solution that grows with your business


  • Hosted right here in NZ, delivering lightning fast performance
  • Full portfolio of Microsoft products and your business applications can be set up
  • Our design team will ensure your ICT requirements are met
  • Flex your storage and performance requirements as necessary
  • Local support – our support staff are right here in NZ

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