YouDrive – Secure Cloud Storage

NorthCloud are proud to bring you “YouDrive”. Many customers have a need to share large files, access their information from a variety of locations and devices and back up data on their laptops. Until now businesses have had to entrust their data to big overseas providers, with little assurance in terms of data security as well as performance limitations. Recent compromises of cloud data providers have highlighted that storing your data in mainstream services in fact makes you more vulnerable to compromises from hackers

YouDrive uses the best in open-source, standardised security frameworks with a simple to use interface. Synchronisation software is available for PC, Mac and SmartPhones but to be honest, you’ll probably love using the snappy web interface. It is so simple to share folders and files with colleagues, and with third parties for viewing if needed.

Protect your data, improve your collaboration and file management by talking to us today about how YouDrive can help your business.

YouDrive by NorthCloud. Cloud storage made easy


  • Hosted right here in NZ, delivering lightning fast performance
  • Mobile support for browsing AND editing on Apple and Android phones
  • Plans starting from 200GB per person or 1TB for your team
  • Grow your storage limits as your requirements grow
  • Windows file sync client
  • Online file sharing web interface
  • Version and file recovery

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