Our Facilities

NorthCloud’s data centre was completed in early 2013. Its objective was to provide modern, efficient and resilient Cloud based services. The facility is designed to be agnostic of Telcos, carriers, IT services companies and vendors.

The facility’s benefits include:

  • Outside of flood-zones and low risk earthquake designation
  • Carrier and fibre diversity with UFB and Chorus fibre with further access to other carriers such as Vodafone and Kordia
  • Solid and plentiful power supply

APC-Schneider Electric supplied the core technologies for the facility. These include:

  • Hot Aisle Containment System (HACS): innovative and efficient rack design which captures hot air discharge from equipment in a sealed aisle for cooling
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS): Scalable modern UPS with excess runtime
  • Power Distribution: modern metered rack power distribution, with power failover for single cord devices
  • Inrow Cooling: Allows efficient cooling of hot aisle rather than a whole room with controlled air flows and minimal energy use. Cooling uses a range of temperature and humidity sensors located within racks to control operation.
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools: The full suite of APC facility management tools providing advanced monitoring, alerting and configuration management
  • Dramatically lower Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) – focus on this maintains a lower operating cost to benefit customers and reduce environmental impact.

NorthCloud’s data centre maintains energy diversity by providing:

  • Dual power feeds from separate power distribution to all racks
  • Minimum of 25 minutes’ battery runtime
  • Best of breed FG Wilson generator for extended runtime in the event of grid power loss

The facility also features multiple layers of security, including Bio-metric Security and multi-factor authentication. More details are available upon request.

Best of breed technology by:

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