COVID-19 Update

Information on our services under the current COVID Protection Framework.

To our valued customers,

On 23/01/2022 at 11:59pm, all of New Zealand moved to the Red setting under the COVID Protection Framework.

We wanted to communicate to you what this means for NorthCloud and our services.

NorthCloud is committed to supporting you through what may be a difficult time, please reach out to us if you have questions or concerns.

NorthCloud has adopted a conservative strategy throughout the pandemic. We had an initial response plan which we adapted slightly with the move to the traffic light system. This plan is embedded in our overall BCP strategy. At the core our principle is to follow public health guidelines, whilst also adopting a fairly aggressive segmentation strategy for staff. This should mean that if/when a team member contracts COVID we limit the impact of any forced isolation and illness.

Standard aspects of our response in the Traffic Light system are:

  • Wearing masks when visiting customer sites (we are now providing surgical masks to the team and eliminating cloth masks, and watching government advice) and requiring them for any visitors to the office
  • Adhering to all contact tracing requirements
  • Ensuring all team members have sanitiser and wipe surfaces before and after use
  • Observing government physical distancing recommendations
  • Staff members do not attend the office or customer sites if feeling ill
  • Preferring video conferencing for meeting where practical

At all levels we have divided our engineering team into three with a rotation of ‘in office’ for one week, out of office for the other two with no contact between teams.

In red our non-engineering team members are divided into two with a two weekly ‘in office’ and ‘out of office’ rotation. In orange and below the non-engineering teams may return to the office.

We believe this strategy places us in a strong position to minimise exposure to infection of team members and customers, and also minimises the chance that customer service and operations will be significantly impacted by illness or the need to isolate. NorthCloud continues to review government advice, and may undertake further discretionary measures such as wholesale working from home if infection rates become high in Northland.


Take care of one another, be kind and stay strong.

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